Where once upon a time, a proposed Supernatural spinoff might have signaled an end to the Winchester brothers’ CW adventures, here we are, kicking off Season 11. The first trailer for the new year has arrived, as Sam and Dean invoke the almighty himself to stop the mysterious “Darkness,” though Castiel may prove the more immediate threat.

God has always proven a tricky subject for Supernatural, all signs pointing to the long-departed Chuck (Rob Benedict), but still a figure that historically avoids aiding anyone, let alone averting an apocalypse. This time out, Sam and Dean are seen desperately praying to the man upstairs, as Castiel and a host of others (perhaps even Sam himself) fall prey to a black vein-y Darkness turning them evil from the inside.

Apart from the trailer (and a new poster below), The CW has revealed relatively few details of the new season, though we know that The Mentalist alum Emily Swallow will appear in a recurring role as “Amara, a femme fatale who is both seductive and sinister (when need be).”

Supernatural will unleash its latest horde when Season 11 premieres on October 7, but check out the trailer above, and start your (Impala’s) engines.

Supernatural Season 11 Poster
The CW