Soon to count itself at twelve seasons, Supernatural has been through plenty of turnover across the years, with no signs of stopping. Showrunners from Eric Kripke to Sera Gamble have led to Jeremy Carver, who himself is now confirmed to leave the longrunning CW drama for its upcoming Frequency reboot.

The writing seemed more or less on the wall by Frequency’s pickup order, and TVLine now confirms that Carver will step down after Supernatural Season 11 to focus on the new Peyton List-led reboot. In his stead, longtime (as in Season 1 longtime) executive producer Robert Singer will take over showrunning duties alongside writer-turned-executive-producer Andrew Dabb.

For his part, Carver had worked on the series as a writer in Season 3, leaving after Season 5 to work on Syfy’s Being Human, and eventually returning to succeed Sera Gamble as Supernatural showrunner in Season 8. Meanwhile, the new Frequency takes place across a 20-year divide between 1996 and 2016, with List as 2016 detective Raimy, who discovers an ability to speak to her estranged father Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith) over a ham radio before his death in 1996.

There’s no indication Supernatural Season 12 will be the last for the Winchester brothers, but will such a well-oiled machine feel any different without Carver at the helm?

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