Earlier today we learned the surprising news that 'Supernatural' season 8's penultimate episode "Clip Show' would feature the return of Taylor Cole's season 1 character Sarah Blake, though it seems 'Supernatural's efforts to bring back the past far from ended there. We've learned that another major 'Supernatural' baddie will return for season finale "Sacrifice," along with a few other familiar faces, so get the latest on upcoming 'Supernatural' twists inside!

Good news for 'Supernatural' fans, as it seems Taylor Cole's Sarah Blake won't be the only long-lost character returning for the final episodes of the season. Penultimate season 8 episode "Clip Show" will also see the return of a character with earlier roots in the series than even Cole, according to show-runner Jeremy Carver. “These blasts from the past are related to the trials and not in a very good way,” he tells Entertainment Weekly. “I can tell you that if you think we’re going far back [in the show's history] with Sarah, keep going. We go back further than Sarah.”

Beyond that, we've also learned that previous season 8 guest star Alaina Huffman will return for season finale "Sacrifice," reprising her role as the demonic "Abaddon." Abaddon was last seen in "As Time Goes By," ending the life of Sam and Dean's time-displaced paternal grandfather Henry Winchester (Gil McKinney), before herself being dismembered and buried in different locations.

Abaddon won't be the only major demonic force pervading 'Supernatural's eighth season finale however, as Carver teased of Crowley's role in the endgame that “I think we’re going to see Crowley rising to a new level of ruthlessness we haven’t seen before in order to defend himself and his kingdom, as it were. I think we’re going to see Crowley presented with a new twist on things that will affect him forever, as well.

'Supernatural' will endure another blast from the past on April 25 when geek goddess Felicia Day reprises her role as Charlie Bradbury for "Pac-Man Fever," but what say you? Are you excited to see what past and future challenges 'Supernatural' cooks up for its season 8 finale? Give us your predictions in the comments, after the latest preview!

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