Just because 'Supernatural' will be airing its seventh season finale "Survival of the Fittest" (we preferred the original title, "Get Dick") tonight on the CW at 9:oo p.m., don't think plans haven't already begun for the eighth (and definitely not final) season.  In addition to a new show-runner and a new night of the week, 'Supernatural' will pull out one of its old tricks for the show's eighth season premiere.

Reporting from The CW's Upfront event red carpet in New York, Us Magazine caught up with one half of 'Supernatural's starring leads Jensen Ackles, who teased a little bit of tonight's finale as well as confirmed some early plans for next season.  'Supernatural' season 8 will see former writer and story editor Jeremy Carver taking over show-running duties from departing Sera Gamble, as well as see the show itself moving out of the so-called "Friday Night Death Slot" onto Wednesday nights, directly behind The CW's new superhero drama 'Arrow,' another strong contender for the male 18-34 demographic.

Speaking on tonight's finale, which sees the Winchester brothers directly taking on head Leviathan Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) with a little help from angel Castiel and their ghostly friend Bobby, Ackles made specific note of the show's propensity for cliffhangers.  "In 'Supernatural' fashion, we're always going to end on a bit of a cliffhanger. We're going to find one of the brothers in a pretty sticky predicament, like we found him in the past, but it's a place that we've never been in before, and it's a situation we've never dealt with," said the star. "We're going to have a lot of places to go in the new season."

Even further than that, Ackles described the long-running success of the show, and the brief respite he'd be taking before production begins on the eighth season, in the process revealing a crucial detail about the October premiere; Ackles himself will direct!

We don't get a very long break, it's about two and a half months. I actually have to go back early [from vacationing with his wife] because I'm going to direct the first episode.

My break is even a littler shorter, but we try to make the most of it. It's not optimal, but as I always say, it's a good problem to have!"

This will be Ackles' third turn in the director's chair for 'Supernatural,' having previously directed season 7's third episode "The Girl Next Door" and 2010's "Weekend at Bobby's."  By contrast, co-star Jared Padalecki has yet to direct an episode of the series.

What say you?  Do you feel better about the eighth season of 'Supernatural' if its star sits in the director's chair for the premiere?  What are you hoping new show-runner Jeremy Carver might bring to the series?  Will you be watching tonight's finale "Survival of the Fittest?"  Break out the borax, and tell us your thoughts in the comments!