What, you thought that the series would end with lucky number 7?  It's not called 'Superstitious,' it's 'Supernatural,' where things live far longer and beyond explanation than any of us can imagine.  That's why it shouldn't come as much of a shock that The CW's flagship sci-fi fantasy series 'Supernatural' will indeed return for an eighth season.

But be careful who you tell!  'Supernatural' producer Todd Aronauer was the one to break the news of the renewal on his Twitter, in expectation of an official press release from The CW, though the tweet has since been taken down.  Tough luck, Todd!  This is the internet!

While the officially press release will likely follow, the renewal comes in anticipation of the remaining three episodes of 'Supernatural's seventh season, which this Friday will re-introduce former series regular Castiel (Misha Collins) as the Winchester brothers recruit the fallen angel's help in their ultimate battle against the Leviathans, beginning with "Reading is Fundamental."

The show's renewal, impressive considering series creator and former show-runner Eric Kripke departed after season 5 once he'd told the story he intended, also arrives on the heel of the news that current show-runner Sera Gamble (who took over for Kripke) would be stepping down after the seventh season, replaced by former 'Supernatural' executive story editor and co-producer Jeremy Carver.  The renewal had been expected from stars and fans alike, given the show's solid ratings performance for The CW in the infamous "Friday Night Death Slot."

We'll have more when The CW issues an official press release, but Aronauer's since-deleted tweet is below, so tell us how excited you are for an eighth season of 'Supernatural' in the comments below!

Supernatural Season 8

UPDATE! - The CW has made 'Supernatural's renewal for an eighth season official, along with a fourth season for 'The Vampire Diaries,' and fifth seasons of '90210.'

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