It's been curiously quiet on the front of 'Supernatural' season 8, which looks to make the leap out of the Friday night death slot to Wednesdays beginning October 3 alongside newcomer 'Arrow,' so what gives?  Is there nothing more to say about the long-running supernatural thriller's eighth year, other than its new show-runner, returning stars and Indiana Jones-esque plot?  The first official promo is light on details, but might be the internet's biggest fear.

The CW has unleashed the first official promo for 'Supernatural' season 8, which while devastatingly short, still gives fans of the series their first look at the coming adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester.  Quick flashes show off some of the new supernatural threats to the boys, one of which appears to be that of a Leviathan, proving the boys aren't quite done with "God's first creations" after last season.  The rest?  Well, that might take some (satirical) buffering.

In addition to a stronger presence for Misha Collins’ Castiel, we’ve learned that ‘Supernatural’ season 8 will see the return of DJ Qualls’ eccentric  hunter Garth, as well as ‘Futurama’ voice Lauren Tom.  Elsewhere, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ veteran Ty Olsson will appear in the recurring role of a vampire named “Benny,” whom Dean meets during his stay in purgatory and ultimately helps him escape from said predicament.  Liane Balaban (‘Alphas,’ ‘Covert Affairs’) will appear as Sam’s new love interest Amelia, developed in the time the brothers spent separated, but ended by the season premiere.

Check out the new promo below, and tell us what you think 'Supernatural' season 8 will bring in the comments!