Earlier today we caught our first glimpse of 'Supernatural' trio Sam, Dean and Castiel back in action for season 9, though it seems yet another new face will arrive to take them back in time. ABC 'Whodunnit' host Gildart Jackson has been added for a potentially recurring role significant to the Men of Letters history, but will Sam and Dean be around to see it?

Via The Hollywood Reporter, we've learned that the ABC player will take the fourth episode role of Haggerty, a veteran member of the mysterious Men of Letters that pops up during a flashback to 1930. For now, Haggerty has only signed for fourth episode "Slumber Party," but has the option to return later in the season.

Elsewhere, ‘Supernatural’ season 9 will feature the return of longtime series star Jim Beaver as his character Bobby Singer in an unknown capacity, while Felicia Day‘s Charlie Bradbury has been announced to pop up as well, and ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ vet Tahmoh Penikett has joined in an angelic new role. Carver and Singer recently previewed the CW drama’s ninth year, particularly the expanded role angels would play in the mythology going forward, and a secret that Dean will be keeping from Sam.

We'll bring you the latest from the Winchesters' upcoming season 9 exploits, but in the meantime, what say you? Will another history lesson pay off for 'Supernatural' after its October 8 premiere? And speaking of history...

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