Broadcast TV won't generally begin the fall 2013 season until next week, but 'Supernatural' fans will once again have to wait until October for Sam and Dean Winchester's ninth season premiere. That wait just got a bit easier today, as the recent season 8 Blu-Ray release offers our first footage from season 9, and exclusive previews from producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer!

"In terms of theme this year, number one would be consequences," said Carver over new footage that showcases Castiel dealing with his humanity and a bloodied Dean facing off against demons. "Dean is gonna have to make some very crucial decisions early on the season that are essentially going to drive the mythology for the rest of the year." Singer chimes in, "this is a whole new brand of guilt for Dean."

We'll certainly learn more about the mysterious "Men of Letters" through both exploration of the base and flashback, while Castiel will remain off on his own for the time being, adjusting to simple human tasks like eating, sleeping, or even washing his famous trenchcoat. The new footage seemed to highlight a young female companion for the former angel, but one who quickly reveals herself to be more than she appears.

Also previously unknown was the return of Alaina Huffman as the demon Abaddon, who managed to survive season 8 finale "Sacrifice" by departing her human vessel before the Winchesters could kill her. Somehow, that doesn't seem to have stopped the character from returning in said form, while Sam and Dean will work to uncover more details about the mysterious "Knights of Hell."

Premiering October 8, ‘Supernatural’ season 9 will feature the return of longtime series star Jim Beaver as his character Bobby Singer in an unknown capacity, while Felicia Day‘s Charlie Bradbury has been announced to pop up as well, ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ vet Tahmoh Penikett has joined in an angelic new role and ABC ‘Whodunit’ host Gildart Jackson will appear in a significant “Men of Letters” flashback. Executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer have otherwise previewed the CW drama’s ninth year, particularly the expanded role angels would play in the mythology going forward, and a secret that Dean will be keeping from Sam.

While we wait for 'Supernatural' season 9, preview the new season in the video above, and give us your predictions for the Winchesters' latest ride in the comments!