Supernatural‘ producers remained surprisingly quiet after the airing of season 8 finale “Sacrifice,” but with the Winchesters set to make their mark in Hall H less than a week from now for the  Comic-Con 2013 panel, new spoileriffic details have emerged of the big angel stories in season 9, and new challenges on the horizon for Sam and Dean!

According to newly reappointed series regular Misha Collins' most recent interview with TVGuide, Castiel will spend the CW drama's ninth season exploring a side of himself that previous episodes had only occasionally explored: namely, his humanity. Said the actor of where the angel starts off the premiere episode this fall:

We find him in the woods as a human. We haven’t seen Cas deal with mortality or a complete loss of powers like we are planning to do. In season 5, they played around the edge of that, but I’ve hoped they would let him fall and be human for the first time…it’s a possibility that the version of humanity that Castiel explores is one of self-deprivation and ascetic reflection, but I hope instead that he discovers his sex drive and it’s a big, debaucherous romp.

Executive producer Robert Singer revealed in the same feature that the ramifications of all angels falling to Earth would indeed play out over the course of the season, adding of the potential "army" of angels "they’re not happy about being earthbound. They lost their wings, so while they have powers, they can’t teleport. Different factions will find each other."

Among the other major cliffhangers of the season 8 finale, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) has become genuinely affected by a resurgence of humanity caused by Sam's attempts at "purification," to which Singer explained "Crowley enjoyed that brief feeling of humanity. That idea will color him throughout the season." Crowley will also need the boys' help in combating a challenger to his rule in Hell, likely that of Abaddon, who abandoned her most recent body (Alaina Huffman) in the finale

As for the boys themselves, Sam and Dean will start the season in the same good place earned between the pair during the finale, though Sam will have his lingering sickness to deal with. "How he comes back from this is a real spoiler," said Singer. Meanwhile, history will continue to play a large part in the boys' journey, with further explorations of the Men of Letters' and their ties to the family line.

Singer and showrunner Jeremy Carver wouldn't offer much in the way of confirmations, but fans can likely expect returns from guest stars Curtis Armstrong (Metatron), Felicia Day (Charlie Bradbury) and Osric Chau (Kevin Tran), still in possession of additional tablets. Even Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester), Amanda Tapping (Naomi) and Ty Olsson (Benny) remain within the realm of possibility, as 'Supernatural' frequently finds ways to resurrect deceased characters, or at least feature them in flashback.

We'll learn more of 'Supernatural' season 9 from next Sunday's Comic-Con 2013 panel, but in the meantime, what say you? Are you excited to see the angels take center stage when 'Supernatural' premieres on October 15?

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