Things felt curiously quiet after 'Supernatural' aired its climactic season 8 finale "Sacrifice," as few interviews from either cast or crew painted a portrait of where the long-running CW series would pick up in season 9. So before we head to Comic-Con 2013 to get the latest on the Winchester brothers, let's find out where the season 9 premiere episode will take us, and who we'll meet along the way!

According to a new report from SpoilerTV, 'Supernatural' season 9 will pick up on Tuesday, October 15 with all-new episode "Devil May Care," and feature the introduction of several new hunters, new to us anyway. Producers are reportedly looking to cast the roles of Tracy a "gorgeous bad-ass" hunter, and Irv, a manly hunter type and old friend of the Winchesters.

Elsewhere, little is known of 'Supernatural''s ninth and likely penultimate season other than that Misha Collins’ role as the (formerly) angelic Castiel was returned to series regular status after two seasons, though his recent comments about the nature of the writing may have landed him in hot water. Curtis Armstrong will mostly likely reprise his role as the duplicitous angel Metatron, though no official deals have been announced. Frequent series star Mark Sheppard (Crowley) is expected to return as well.

UPDATE 7/1: Director/producer Jim Michaels has since tweeted that the premiere won't be titled "Devil May Care" after all, but thus far the casting announcements of Irv and Tracy seem to have proven accurate.

We'll likely learn more from the coming weeks at Comic-Con, but in the meantime what say you? Are you excited to see Sam and Dean hit the road again in season 9? What new 'Supernatural' scares will the CW series conjure?