Last night's all-new 'Supernatural' episode "Pac-Man Fever" might have gotten us back in the game with special guest star Felicia Day, but it'll be back to business in next Wednesday's "The Great Escapist," kicking off the final three episodes of the season. Sam and Dean will have the next trial to face with a little help from on high, but will Sam even make it that far, given his worsening condition? Get a sneak peek of 'Supernatural's' "The Great Escapist" inside!

We've just three episodes remaining in the eighth season of 'Supernatural,' and Sam isn't looking too good as the Winchester brothers approach the third trial. Only problem is, Kevin Tran has gone missing and won't be able to tell them what the third trial is!

Thankfully, Sam and Dean will have a bit of help from Metatron, one of God's elite angels as portrayed by 'Revenge of the Nerds' star Curtis Armstrong, though the reclusive angel won't be too enthused to see them at first. In either case, Dean will still have his hands full trying to take care of Sam in his weakened state, as evidenced in the latest clip from "The Great Escapist."

Will Dean manage to get his brother in fighting form in time for the third trial, or have Crowley and his ilk already concocted a devious plot to prevent the Winchesters from exiling them? Check out a clip from next Wednesday's "The Great Escapist" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!