Even with geek goddess Felicia Day making her third appearance in Wednesday's all-new 'Supernatural' episode "Pac-Man Fever," fans of the long-running CW drama were surprised to learn that upcoming hour "Clip Show" would return a familiar face not seen since season 1. Showrunner Jeremy Carver has promised a host of former characters would make an appearance over the course of the hour, so are you ready to meet the next two?

Taylor Cole's Sarah Blake will make a return to 'Supernatural' after seven seasons in May 8 episode "Clip Show," but she won't be alone. Via Zap2It, we've learned that fellow season 1 guest star Graham Wardle ("Wendigo") and season 7 star Cindy Busby ("Shut Up, Dr. Phil") will also put in return appearances over the course of the hour. Apparently, the familiar faces will pop up as Crowley sifts through Winchester history looking for a means to defeat the brothers.

“These blasts from the past are related to the trials and not in a very good way,” showrunner Jeremy Carver told Entertainment Weekly. “I can tell you that if you think we’re going far back [in the show's history] with Sarah, keep going. We go back further than Sarah.”

Additional guest stars may pop up before the May 8 airing, but what say you? What 'Supernatural' characters past would you like to see pop up in the "Clip Show?"