Just two weeks after Tommy Chauvin (“Trigger Tommy”) and his step-dad Joe LaFont (“Trapper Joe”) narrowly escaped death after a multi-car pile-up, fans of the History Channel's 'Swamp People' are in mourning after Mitchell Guist, another cast member on the show, lost his life on Monday following a fall while aboard his boat.

Mike Waguespack, sheriff of Louisiana's Assumption Parish, confirmed the death, saying Guist (pictured above right) slipped and fell at about 9 a.m. while loading his boat on the Intracoastal Waterway, near Pierre Part, La. The vessel returned to a nearby landing and Guist was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead of unknown causes.

The sheriff stated Guist appeared to have had some sort of seizure, but that it was unclear if the seizure was caused from the fall and that an autopsy would be performed.

'Swamp People' features residents of Louisiana's Atchafalaya swamp country -- including Mitchell and his brother Glenn -- during alligator hunting season. The show's third season premiered in February.