Shane Black

‘The Predator’ Reveals First Look at Iconic Baddie’s Return
A new photo from the set of The Predator has made its way online, revealing our first look at the classic alien baddies in Shane Black’s highly-anticipated sequel along with a few of their human co-stars. But once you look past the obvious — these Predators are riding in a friggin’ TANK — there’s something particularly interesting about this pic, which could provide a clue to the film’s mysterious plot.
‘The Predator’ Pushed Back Seven Months
You’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer for the new Shane Black movie (or the new Predator sequel, however you want to look at it), as 20th Century Fox has officially pushed the release date for The Predator back a whole seven months — from February to August 2018. But good things come to those who wait, or at least that’s what I learned from a desk calendar filled with generic landscape photos.
‘Predator’ Will Have Plenty of Shane Black’s ‘Wicked’ Humor
Going in to a Shane Black movie, you’re aware of two things: you’re going to laugh (if you like Shane Black movies, that is) and people onscreen are going to die. Which makes a movie like The Predator a perfect outlet for him, because the entire premise of Predator revolves around a group of buddies who are being picked off one by one by a bloodthirsty alien. According to cast member Sterling K. Brown, just because Black is making a big studio blockbuster doesn’t mean that he won’t sprinkle in some of his patented “wicked sense of humor.”

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