The Flash has only a week and a half of Season 3 shooting to pull from, but that didn’t stop the assemble cast at Comic-Con 2016 from previewing the “Flashpoint” arc in a first full sizzle reel trailer! See for yourself, as Barry finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings, with new (familiar) heroes and villains speeding through the first footage!

In addition to Barry's parents being back together, it seems Cisco has a fancy new job, while Barry apparently retained his speedster powers. We also caught wind of two new villains, including a demonic-looking speedster, and Dr. Alchemy (voiced by Saw star Tobin Bell).

So far of The Flash Season 3, we know Harry Potter star Tom Felton has signed on as a series regular, while Tom Cavanagh has confirmed his return as a Season 3 regular (as what character remains to be seen), along with Violett Beane as his daughter Jesse. John Wesley Shipp will also return as the Earth-3 Jay Garrick, whose identity was confirmed in the second season finale as the mysterious man in the iron mask, while Kevin Smith will direct the seventh hour.

We’ll have a full panel writeup for Season 3 of The Flash soon, but what might we be seeing in the new footage?

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