Flash Season 3's surprise sneak peek of Wally West’s new costume telegraphed that we might see the red and yellow number for ourselves out on the streets, and with it comes a new mystery. See for yourself, as Flash Season 3 set photos showcase not only Wally in his new role, but also a demonic mystery speedster!

You’re warned of potential Flash Season 3 spoilers from here on out, but where the “Flashpoint” adaptation makes it difficult to discern what, exactly, we’re seeing, new photos from the Season 3 set see not only Barry aiding Kid Flash at a vulnerable moment, but also a new black-clad speedster:

Prevailing buzz seems to be that the character might represent some iteration of the New 52 Reverse Flash (just as the comic “Flashpoint” initiated that universe), while some have seemingly identified the actor as Todd Lasance, of Vampire Diaries and Spartacus fame:


There’s also a close resemblance to the Black Racer, but then again, Season 2's inclusion of Zoom drew on multiple aspects of the comic version, as well as a different speedster for the look.

Elsewhere of The Flash Season 3, we know Harry Potter star Tom Felton has signed on as a series regular, while Tom Cavanagh has confirmed his return as a Season 3 regular (as what character remains to be seen), along with Violett Beane as his daughter Jesse. John Wesley Shipp will also return as the Earth-3 Jay Garrick, whose identity was confirmed in the second season finale as the mysterious man in the iron mask, while Kevin Smith will direct the seventh hour.

Season 3 of The Flash will perhaps offers some clarification at from Comic-Con 2016 next week, but what might we be seeing in the new photos?

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