Meet a most unlikely box office champion: a foul-mouthed teddy bear from Boston. ' Ted' seemed a strange proposition from the get-go, but the little guy with a big heart and extensive vocabulary (courtesy of writer-director-star Seth MacFarlane) made a hefty splash when he burst onto the scene in late-June with a $54 million opening. And now, four months later, he's the King of the R-Rated Comedies.

Less than a week ago, 'Ted' passed the $467 million worldwide total of 'The Hangover' to become the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time; currently, its gross stands at $469 million. Rather impressive for a film that boasts 'Flash Gordon's' Sam J. Jones as its most notable cameo. (Let it henceforth be known that Sam J. Jones has handily defeated Mike Tyson.)

If 'The Hangover' wants to cling to a victory, it's worth noting that it's still the clear winner in the U.S., amassing $277 million to 'Ted's' $218 million. The international audience evidently preferred the rude teddy to the loutish Americans.

Naturally, Universal and Seth MacFarlane will attempt to defeat 'Ted's' reign as R-rated comedic champ with 'Ted 2', which is currently in development.