As the lead-up to E3 continues, Telltale has dropped more hints about potential characters for the second season of The Walking Dead video game.

Twice this week Telltale has dropped hints via its Twitter and Vine about its possible plans for a second season of The Walking Dead. The previous teases hinted at characters Vince and and Bonnie, but in a sort-of-roundabout way. The characters still haven't been seen in action, but they've been seen as pictures being tacked to a wall. The same could be said of Russell, who now joins the party of potential survivors.

What's curious about these short snippets, though, is the wall. Typically, photo walls like this are used when family and friends have been lost, and others are trying to find them in a disaster. They're also used as remembrance walls in times of tragedy. Perhaps these three characters aren't survivors at all, but rather are images of people a fourth mysterious survivor is tacking to a wall so he or she doesn't forget those met along the way. It certainly would make for an interesting twist, and those of you that have played the first season to completion may already have ideas about this fourth mystery person's identity.

Fortunately, if you somehow still haven't managed to play The Walking Dead's first season (what is wrong with you?), Telltale and Microsoft have again teamed to offer the first episode for free on Xbox Live. It's a limited time offer, but it's not clear just how when the deal expires, so you better act fast just to be safe.