Man, that Infinity War cast was looking a little sparse, wasn’t it? I dunno if I trust such a teensy amount of people to save the universe from an all-powerful alien god. Don’t you think they could use a few more actors to round it out? Well, good news: Tessa Thompson is now confirmed to be shooting scenes as her character Valkyrie in the next Avengers movie.

A quick Instagram with a fan seemingly confirms that she’s on set on location in Scotland, although not in costume.

Obviously I was joking when I called the Infinity War slate “sparse” — what we’re currently staring down the barrel of here is the biggest and most populous superhero movie ever made, with a current list of close to sixty people all banding together against Thanos. I feel like the only way to make this movie work now is to just have the all stand in a circle, with each character saying one word until they make a sentence, and just keep going like that for 2+ hours.

At least we know Valkyrie comes out of Ragnarok unscathed. As to what her role in the film will be, we have no idea, but she’ll probably be on the side of the good guys. We have no idea how all the bits in Infinity War are going to line up, but we do know that Thanos is going to have to get past a literal wall of superpowered bodies to take Earth.

Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters May 4, 2018.

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