From what we’re hearing (and what we’ve been able to see), Sean Anders’ ‘That’s My Boy’ is Adam Sandler’s full-fledged foray into hard-R comedy. F-bombs, gratuitous nudity … by all accounts, it’s Sandler doing the polar opposite of ‘Jack & Jill.’ And that’s a good thing. The latest red-band trailer continues to sell that line. We have it for you below.

‘Boy’ casts Sandler as a hard-partying louse of a dad who resurfaces in time for his son’s (Andy Samberg) wedding to a conservative beauty (Leighton Meester). Needless to say, dad’s presence as the wedding approaches isn’t appreciated, and the film appears to build toward a raunchy bachelor party that’s likely worth the price of admission.

Sandler started his career as a bit of a dirty comic. Listen to his first few standup records for a taste of that comedy. He’s marginalized his humor over the years to turn in family-friendlier films like ‘Jill,’ ‘Bedtime Stories’ and ‘Click.’ The man has kids. What can you do?

I doubt he’ll bring them to this, though. Not based on the following trailer. Adults, however, likely will get more than a few laughs. ‘That’s My Boy’ also stars James Caan and Vanilla Ice. I never thought I’d ever have to type that sentence. It opens everywhere on June 15.

Remember, the video below is NSFW and contains strong language.

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