While you weren’t looking, The CW’s The 100 quietly evolved into one of the best network shows out there, combining equal parts Battlestar Galactica, LOST and The Hunger Games, and often the source of TV’s most brutal action. Season 3 won’t debut until January, but in the meantime, The CW went heavy on insane new footage for the full trailer.

There’s something for everyone in our first look at The 100 Season 3, which culls far beyond the first four episodes sent to critics, and teases unrest among every faction on the ground. There’s Clarke vs. Lexa, Bellamy vs. Octavia, Ice Nation vs. Grounders, Jaha’s mysterious new friend, and did we mention explosions? Because explosions.

Guest stars for The 100 Season 3 will include Black Sails star Zach McGowan as a rogue Grounder warrior named Roan, along with Sons of Anarchy alum Michael Beach as a new member of the Ark, and Brenda Strong as the leader of the mysterious Ice Nation.

The 100 Season 3 will premiere on January 21, behind the series premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, so check out the trailer above, and try to keep your composure. WE HAVE TO KEEP OUR COMPOSURE.