FX critical darling The Americans will arrive in 2016 a bit behind its comrades, premiering in March, rather than the usual January. Thankfully, the network has de-classified some early photos and details to make up the difference, so have the Jennings ended up in the FBI’s custody yet?

Entertainment Weekly released the first official photos from the new season, which optimistically doesn’t feature either Philip (Matthew Rhys) or Elizabeth (Keri Russell) in handcuffs just yet, despite Paige seemingly alerting her pastor to their true identities last season.


Instead, executive producer Joel Fields teased that Reagan’s “Star Wars” defense plan (yeah, the boring one) would come into play, as well that:

A lot of people refer to this exact period as one of the tensest in the Cold War. Philip and Elizabeth are going to be in the middle of some of the most dangerous operations that, interestingly, were not playing out in the headlines but were happening behind the scenes and didn’t come out until after the Cold War was over.

More than that, Elizabeth will take on a new identity as make-up saleswoman “Patty,” who forms an unlikely friendship with a woman played by Ruthie Ann Miles.


In the meantime, FX has released precious few details of The Americans Season 4, though we at least know that Frank Langella will return as Phillip and Elizabeth’s old handler Gabriel, with Margo Martindale likely to reprise her role as Claudia as well. Easly photos also suggested Dylan Baker might put in an appearance, though no details of his character have been made available.

You can check out The Americans Season 4 teasers above, and stay tuned for the first footage of the March 2016 premiere.

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