First vampires and dark wizards, now a ghostly apparition that feeds on fear. Ashley Greene and Tom Felton cannot escape the supernatural... at least when it comes to their movie careers.

These two screen stars, known for their respective roles as Alice in 'Twilight' and Draco Malfoy in 'Harry Potter,' portray two thirds of a research team, the finishing role played by Sebastian Stan of 'Political Animals,' in the upcoming horror flick 'The Apparition.' As a group, they try to prove a theory that ghosts only exist because people believe in them and after creating a a deadly phantom with their minds, they prove the theory valid.

Creepy, huh? Well, maybe not as creepy as 'The Apparition'-themed prize pack.

Haven't you ever wanted a cinch bag plastered with an image of demonic hands engulfing a frightened Ashley Greene? Well now you can. By entering your email into the form below, you can have your chance at winning that and a couple more tid bits pegged towards 'The Apparition,' including a Hollywood Movie Money Pass for two to go see the film after it hits theaters August 24. The contest ends August 27, at which time one winner will be announced.

For more information on 'The Apparition,' check out the official site and be sure to visit the movie's official Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest updates.

Check out the complete list of prizes below:

  • 1 Lab Notes Journal -- ARV $28
  • 1 'The Apparition' Cinch Bag -- $24
  • 2 'The Apparition' Heat Changing Mug -- $22
  • 1 Hollywood Movie Money Pass for 2 – ARV $24