When a series that makes cancer a focal point of the storyline learns that it only has a few episodes to live, the jokes practically write themselves.  We however, are above such frivolity, and post-work cocktails are far more pressing.  That's why for as easy as it is to make big jokes about 'The Big C' coming to an untimely end next year, we'll still be rather sad to see it go.  So, if season 4 of 'The Big C' is to be the last, how many episodes will it have?  And how does it all end?

According to reports coming out of Showtime's panel at the Television Critics Association press tour today, boss David Nevins has revealed that cancer dramedy 'The Big C's upcoming fourth season is to be the final.  More than that however, the prognosis is negative (last one, we swear) as Showtime will allow only four  one-hour episodes to wrap up the series.

Of course, the bosses are keeping mum about the fate of Laura Linney's Cathy, and whether or not she'll survive the series finale, due to air September 14.  ”I wouldn’t assume anything about how its going to end,” says Nevins. “They have a very interesting, novel and form-breaking way to handle where the show is going.”

"Form-breaking" likely refers to the show's final installments being shot as hour-long episodes opposed to the series' usual half-hour format, though no reason was given for the change.

What say you?  Are you sad to see 'The Big C' being taken off life support after four more hours?  Do you think the show had more life in it?  Tell us your reaction in the comments below!