We've seen a little bit of the action from 'The Bourne Legacy' in the first clip that showed Jeremy Renner's non-Jason Bourne character Aaron Cross on the run from faceless bad guys, but in the second clip, he's on a motorcycle with Rachel Weisz. Excitement!

It's hard to know where both these clips fit in the movie, but it seems like they're probably pretty close together in the scheme of things, and both seem like part of the first chunk of the movie.

The premise is that Renner was part of the government planned Operation Outcome, and - as is apparent from the tagline of the movie - "There was never just one," so he goes up against other super spies, and is like Bourne but different (and as the trailers imply, better), and probably like Bourne develops a conscious that keeps him from doing nefarious assassinations.

The problem with having "There was never just one" as a tagline is because, well, did they not watch the first movie where Matt Damon's Jason Bourne goes head to head with Clive Owen? Or the second movie, where he fights Martin Csokas? Or the third where he faces Edgar Ramirez? All of whom seem to be equally capable super spies that were part of Treadstone, or Outcome, or whatever they want to call it. Who cares, we'll see it anyway. The film opens August 10.