One of the most ham-fisted, schmaltzy movies ever made and it stars Ashton Kutcher — 'The Butterfly Effect' couldn't get any more ridiculous, right? Wrong. In the original version, Evan (Kutcher) goes back in time to elementary school and scares Kayleigh away so she'll move off with her mom and they'll never be friends and she'll never die. There are THREE alternate endings, but the “director's cut” version is the best because it's easily the most bonkers. In this alt ending, Evan travels back to when he was being born and hangs himself with his umbilical cord in utero, as we watch on the ultrasound. Poor Melora Walters mentions she's already had three stillborn babies, so this is a real dick move on Evan's part. But hey, everything works out for Kayleigh and that douche bag Tommy was never a douche bag because Evan never existed. But we're more worried about his mom and whether she was able to lead a happy life after losing four babies. Even Paul Thomas Anderson is nicer to Melora Walters in his movies.