Granted, 'Arrow' has already and will continue to receive a number of comparisons to 'Batman Begins,' what with their gritty origin stories of non-super-powered billionaires returning to their hometowns after years thought dead, and starting dark vigilante campaigns.  Still, 'Arrow' plans to incorporate a wealth of additional DC characters and continue for much longer, so which way does the first full clip lean?

Might as well re-title the series (or at least the pilot) 'Arrow Begins,' the way 'Arrow' lets loose in its first clip.  Like Christopher Nolan's Batman before him, we see 'Arrow' take out a number of thugs before dragging a mob boss out of his limo, making an ominous threat, and disappearing.  We will say this for 'Arrow,' at least Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen doesn't hesitate to kill henchmen!

Regardless of the similarity to 'Batman Begins,''Arrow will look to differentiate itself with a line of DC characters to be added to ‘Arrow’s first season, including The Royal Flush Gang, The Huntress, Deadshot, China White and Deathstroke the Terminator.  And though The CW may move forward with a Wonder Woman adaptation ‘Amazon,’ ‘Arrow’s show-runners don’t see the two crossing over anytime soon.

You can check out the brand new clip from 'Arrow' below, and tell us if you'll watch the October 10 premiere in the comments!