Mighty strong words indeed, but that's the buzz going around The CW's upcoming development project 'Embrace.'  Though it's been nearly ten years since 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' went off the air in 2003, The CW is reportedly looking to capture a bit of that old magic by developing a new female-centric supernatural drama, based on the 'Embrace' novel by Jessica Shirvington.  Could the network have a new cult hit on its hands, or be growling up the wrong tree?

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that The CW has added yet another supernatural drama to its development slate, along with Wonder Woman adaptation 'Amazon' and supernatural school spooker 'Copeland Prep.'  The latest script ordered is that of 'Embrace,' which THR claims to be The CW's idea of "the next 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.'"

Based on the novel by Jessica Shirvington, 'Embrace' follows a young woman named Violet Eden who discovers herself to be descended from the angels themselves, and thus an integral part of a "centuries-old war between fallen angels and their earthly protectors."  Bill Laurin and Glenn Davis will write and executive produce the project from CBS Television, with Amblin Television's Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank also acting as EPs.

Of course, any attempt to connect 'Embrace' with 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is pure speculation, though the word of mouth certainly doesn't hurt.  'Buffy' maintained its role on The CW's past incarnation of The WB for five years before transferring to UPN.  The WB similarly cut 'Buffy' spin-off 'Angel' short at five seasons, and even The CW passed on a second season of Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer' this past May.

Well, what say you?  Do you think 'Embrace' could really be the next cult hit of 'Buffy,' caliber, or is it wishful thinking?  Would you watch?  Give us your opinion in the comments below!

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