Earlier this year we'd heard that The CW was looking to expand its array of super-powered heroines (and DC characters) by developing a Wonder Woman-based series titled 'Amazon.'  Focusing on the character's teen years as Diana, the script has yet to recieve an official pilot order from The CW, but that hasn't stopped Warner Bros. from beginning the casting process for the titular Amazonian princess!  Who might the studio have in mind?

With 'Arrow's popularity having hit a bulls-eye for The CW, it seems the network may be eager to begin casting its potential Wonder Woman adaptation 'Amazon,' despite not yet being ordered to pilot.  Entertainment Weekly reports that Warner Bros. has already hired a casting director and prepared a casting notice to begin scouting potential Dianas, an unusual practice to take place before the network officially orders a pilot episode.

It's possible that the network wishes to scout available talent prior to the busy, and competitive pilot season or perhaps even that the bigwigs hope to see a few actors in the role to decide whether to order the pilot.  The initial pilot script was written by Allan Heinberg (‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘The O.C.’), who also dabbled in writing the 'Young Avengers' comics.

What say you?  Even if 'Arrow' and 'Amazon' aren't in sync enough to cross over, would you want to see the network move forward with a Wonder Woman TV series?  Who do you think could next take the iconic role?  Give us your Diana of Themyscira casting choices in the comments!