The Flash’s recent trip to National City all-but-assured Barry would soon build enough speed to revisit Earth-2, and the second trip will bring with it even more surprise doppelgangers. Arrow star Katie Cassidy will drop by The Flash for its penultimate Season 2 hour, introducing us to the Earth-2 version of the Black Canary.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Cassidy will appear in the penultimate Season 2 Flash installment as the alternate Earth’s iteration of Laurel Lance, in this reality alter-ego to the “Black Siren.” Cassidy had earlier been observed on The Flash set as well, shooting scenes for the May 17 episode:

Not only that, but Arrow producers also reveal that Cassidy will lend her voice to the second season of CW Seed animated series Vixen, having appeared alongside the character’s live-action debut in recent Arrow outing “Taken.”

Arrow Season 4 will tie up one of its biggest dangling mysteries this Wednesday with “Eleven-Fifty-Nine,” But will Katie Cassidy’s Flash-y Black Siren prove so evil as she looks? What else might the final Flash Season 2 outings bring?

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