The Flash finished out its first season as one of the stronger debuts in recent memory, setting a high bar for whatever pointed Flash crises we can expect in Season 2. The speedy CW drama has quite a future ahead, one that may include a new love interest for Barry Allen, as well as a certain “classical,” “square-jawed hero.” Okay, not THAT one.

Though no names have yet been announced, TVLine confirms that Iris West will step to the side as Barry’s primary romantic focus in Season 2, as the DC drama looks to fill the role of “Wendy,” a “spunky, fun and funny” Central City police officer, described as bright and scientific-minded in the vein of Arrow’s Felicity.

Perhaps more excitingly (or obscurely, depending), the outlet also reports that Season 2 will feature the season-long role of “John Clark,” a “classically handsome, square-jawed hero in his 30s to early 40s, a slightly cynical man ‘with an edge.’” The report suggests that the placeholder name might nod to the DC letterer of the same name, who himself has worked on any number of heroes belonging to the All-Star Squadron, The Shadow and Infinity Inc.

Keep this in mind as pure speculation, though it seems much more likely that John Clark could be intended as a placeholder for Golden Age, or “classic” Flash Jay Garrick, whose appearance was heavily foreshadowed by the first season finale “Fast Enough.” Comics typically portray the character older than 30s to 40s (at least when sharing panels with Barry Allen), though given the many multiverses glimpsed in The Flash’s trip through the speed force, any number of explanations could introduce Garrick into the fold for a “season-long” role.

And hey, we never did find out what (or who) was on the other end of that wormhole Barry was last seen speeding toward.

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Time will tell if we learn anything before The Flash races into Comic-Con 2015, but could Jay Garrick be confirmed for Season 2? What other DC hero might the casting represent, and how will Barry’s new lovelife fare without Iris?

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