If you thought last night's 'Flash' teaser debut with the 'Arrow' finale got your heart racing, wait until you see the full trailer for the CW's DC comics drama! Our first genuine look at the scarlet speedster's new fall series reveals not only Grant Gustin's Barry Allen displaying lightning-quick wit and even quicker moves, but also our first major DC villain, and a pointed guest star for the pilot, none other than the 'Arrow' himself, Oliver Queen!

There's a lot to digest in the impressive 5 minute trailer, but it seems after coming out of his coma, Barry Allen will have his own personal team backing the 'Flash' superhero persona, both to chart his abilities and design a spiffy new costume. In addition to Stephen Amell's pep-talking presence espousing that the lightning "chose" Barry, we learn that the accident creating Barry's powers also unleashed plenty of other sci-fi weirdness and meta-humans around Central City. Oh, and lest we forget, how about that Weather Wizard as Barry's first big villain?

Greenlit for (at least) 13 episodes, ‘The Flash’ has cast Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells and Candice Batton as Iris West, daughter to Jesse L. Martin’s Detective West, along with Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, better known as DC character Vibe. ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ star Rick Cosnett will portray Central City Police transfer Detective Eddie Thawne, while Danielle Panabaker plays Caitlin Snow, a highly intelligent bioengineering expert and an early incarnation of DC villain Killer Frost. Original ‘Flash’ star John Wesley Shipp will also appear in the ‘Arrow’ spinoff as well, though producers aren’t divulging the details of his role just yet.

As for Oliver Queen's cameo appearance, Stephen Amell told TVGuide of the crossover, set to be the first of many between the two series:

In the Flash pilot, Barry comes to me. [It's a] little snippet in the Flash pilot where he and I share a scene together, it's in his pilot, but [filming] it felt like our show because he's coming to Starling City. That, to me, was one of the most rewarding things that I did as an actor because it was essentially the same crew that we used for our pilot, and it was two years later and it was the same director. It was like going back in time. [Flash and Arrow director] David Nutter asked me to be a part of the pilot and I will never say no to David Nutter.

'The Flash' will premiere on Tuesdays this fall alongside 'Supernatural,' with 'Arrow' remaining in its Wednesday timeslot, but what are you waiting for? Check out the full trailer for the CW's 'Flash' series above, and tell us in the comments what you want to see from the new DC drama!