The Founder, which stars Michael Keaton as the man who stole McDonald’s away from its creators to form the multi-billion-dollar burger franchise we know and love, stars its awards qualifying run today in Los Angeles, complete with a brand new trailer.

The release date of the movie was moved up one week to better its chances at the Oscars, so it’s showing in one theater in LA from today until next Wednesday, for all the burger history fiends out there who want an early look at all the action. It does seem kind of strange, though, to debut a movie about McDonald’s in a city that has In-N-Out, but, hey, maybe that’s just the brash kind of overconfidence that inspired Ray Kroc to start his franchise in the first place.

Along with Keaton, Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch play the two McDonald brothers who make the grave mistake of letting Kroc in on their plans. Laura Dern also stars as Kroc’s first wife, with Linda Cardellini as his second. It seems like a recipe for success, but our editor-in-chief Matt Singer was not lovin’ it, saying in his review, “This movie offers very few insights, and has no apparent point beyond mythologizing the early days of a company that doesn’t exactly need assistance in the self-mythologizing department.”

The Founder is out today, Wednesday December 7, at the Arclight Hollywood, expands to a limited release December 16, and finally goes wide on January 20.

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