FOX’s Last Man on Earth has been through quite a few ups and downs its first season, between critical wavering and repeated defiance of its title, but with Season 2 already a go, Lord and Miller’s comedy apocalypse brought out all the stops for its first season finale “Screw the Moon.” Find out what major turn and surprise cameo closed out The Last Man on Earth, and what it means for Season 2 by our full review!

You’re warned of all the major spoilers from The Last Man on Earth’s first finale “Screw the Moon,” but it seems not only that Phil Tandy Miller isn’t the last man on Earth, but also isn’t even the last man on Earth. Following all the events of tonight’s finale installment, the closing moments pulled back from Earth to reveal that at least one other man was alive and well on a space station, none other than Phil’s brother, as played by SNL alum Jason Sudeikis.

Granted, eagle-eyed viewers of the pilot will remember that Sudeikis briefly appeared in old photographs alongside Will Forte’s Phil, it wasn’t until tonight’s finale we learned that the man was an astronaut, and thereby unaffected by the virus that decimated Earth’s population. Of course, we only checked in on Phil’s still-living kin long enough to find that he’d given up on contacting Houston, marking it off his board just as Phil had done for the 50 states of America, and it remains to be seen how Jason Sudeikis might be involved in Season 2.

Back on Earth, Phil only grew more isolated from his companions, as Todd quickly abandoned the plan to kill the newer, buffer Phil Miller upon learning that “Tandy” had similarly tried to get rid of him by driving Todd out into the hostile desert. Todd even spilled the beans to the group in the midst of New Phil’s presentation of the neighborhood’s new solar power, sparking a confrontation between Phils that ended with the tall newcomer banishing his deceitful counterpart. The original Phil took it about as well as you’d expect, barricading himself indoors and sustaining for days on “toilet paper corndogs.”

The Last Man on Earth Season Finale Review Toilet Paper Corndogs

Despite the group’s initial support, Carol eventually convinced Phil to leave his barricade on the promise that they’d come to forgive him, only for new Phil to tackle and hogtie him upon stepping outside, against the group’s intentions. The burlier Phil drove “Tandy” out of town with two days’ supply of food, ordering him never to return, though old Phil quickly exacerbated the situation in blowing through his supplies inside of 20 minutes.

Thankfully, the unexpected spark between Phil and Carol came back into play, as Carol anticipated her former husband’s idiocy, driving out alone with an additional cache of supplies. Having spent the half-hour realizing everything he’d missed about Carol, Phil answered Carol’s request to perform a song he’d professed to write for her earlier, singing the titular rendition of “Screw the Moon.” As you can imagine, it was pretty adorbs.

The Last Man on Earth Season Finale Review Screw the Moon

Wanting to be with a man who’d decided not to strand someone in the desert, rather than one who had, Carol elected to travel with Phil wherever he’d head next, finally leaving Tuscon in the dust. Of course, there’s no telling what becomes of New Phil, Gail, Erica, Todd and Melissa back at the cul de sac, the latter two of which finally agreed to profess their love for one another, in spite of the earlier difficulties.

The Last Man on Earth Season Finale Review Todd Melissa

Well, what now? Will the busy Jason Sudeikis return to Earth in order to join his brother? Where will Phil and Carol head next in their renewed wedding bliss? What will become of the other Tuscon survivors, particularly the lovelorn second Phil Miller? We’ll bring you more on The Last Man on Earth Season 2 in the week to come, but did the first year end on a satisfactory note?

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