Here's some mixed news for fans of the critically beloved but little-watched 'The Legend of Korra': the show's third season will be yanked off Nickelodeon following tomorrow's episode, but the final five chapters will air online. Oh, and despite this news that seems to scream "Doooom!" at the top of its lungs, a fourth season (or "book," as they're called in this series) is still very much in the works.

After a few days of rumors, the news of the show's, uh, change of venue was confirmed today by the series' creators. Although the show will cease airing on its home network, new episodes will be available for streaming on, the official Nick app, and other streaming sources like Hulu, Amazon and Google Play. For the vast majority of TV shows, a dump like this is a clear sign that everything is coming to an end, but co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino took to Facebook to calm down the small-but-passionate fanbase:

“There is most definitely a Book 4. All the pre-production is done and Studio Mir is hard at work on the animation. This was a disappointing development for sure, but as long as you all are able to see the show in some capacity, I’m grateful.”

DiMartino and fellow creator Bryan Konietzko will be at Comic-Con tomorrow, where they'll share additional details.

On one level, this is disheartening news for 'Legend of Korra,' which spun-off from 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' but failed to replicate its predecessors success. Being unceremoniously removed from a TV schedule just plain -- for lack of a better word -- sucks. However, if the show can find a second life on various streaming services, this could actually be a good thing. After all, if the fourth season does come to fruition and it's available through streaming only, it could set a fantastic precedent for future shows with loyal niche followings.

We'll let you know more as the facts roll in.

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