Even as The CW becomes a conglomerate of TV superheroes, you didn’t think the young-skewing network would let vampires go, did you? With The Vampire Diaries on its way out, and The Originals approaching a middle, The CW has in mind to reboot vampire classic The Lost Boys with a surprisingly ambitious generational twist.

Deadline first broke word of the proposed reboot, which sees iZombie creator Rob Thomas stewarding a new version of the 1987 Kiefer Sutherland horror comedy. Rather than stick to one setting, however, The CW’s Lost Boys would see the titular immortals exploring a new period each season:

Envisioned for a seven-season, anthology-style run, the series will tell a story spanning 70 years, each season chronicling a decade. Season 1 will be set in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, 1967. Each season, the humans, the setting, the antagonist and the story all change — only the vampires, our Lost Boys, who like the Peter Pan characters never grow up, remain the same.

The original 1987 movie saw Jason Patric and Corey Haim as brothers who move to California and come up against a gang of vampires. In addition to a young Kiefer Sutherland, the film featured among its cast Jami Gertz and Corey Feldman, all directed by Joel Schumacher.

It’s an intriguing idea (not to mention more forgiving of “immortal” actors who age a bit over seven seasons), but how much of the original film might end up in its DNA? Watch the trailer below.

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