In keeping with the retro vibe (and setting) of The Nice Guys, the latest promo for Shane Black’s crime comedy reimagines the film as an old school animated series — the kind of thing you might have watched on CBS on a Saturday morning back in the ’70s. And while this promo is a little more kid-friendly, it’s still for a film that is most certainly not for kids (but it is for everyone else, and you should make time to see it this weekend).

The retro animated short features the kind of clumsy rhyme schemes you’d hear in promos for shows about Batman or the Super Friends. “Brooding, bruising and newly-quit-boozing!” There’s plenty more of that in the video, which offers a delightful intro to the film’s two leads, played by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Newcomer Angourie Rice also gets the spotlight in the role of Gosling’s scene-stealing daughter, Holly — who honestly hasn’t been featured in the trailers enough.

If Black never makes a sequel to The Nice Guys (or if Warner Bros. won’t let him), perhaps the adventures of the hilarious investigative duo can live on in animated form. I would totally watch this after midnight on Adult Swim. Just saying.

The Nice Guys is in theaters today — as in, right now. As in, what are you doing reading this when there’s a new Shane Black movie you could be watching?!

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