No, it isn't yet the long-awaited day when Steve Carell announces a guest spot on 'The Office,' but familiar faces are always fun.  Especially considering the myriad of departures and new characters being added to the cast, we'll take what we can get!  David Denman will be reprising his role as Roy, Pam's ex-fiancee, but for how many episodes?  And in what shape is the character now?

TVLine has announced that 'The Office' season 9 will be seeing a familiar face to compliment its recent shake-ups, as early season star David Denman will put in a return appearance as Pam's former flame Roy.  The former 'Traffic Light' star will appear in at least one episode, beginning with the season's second outing.

A recurring character throughout the first three seasons, Denman's Roy went on to make an uncomfortable appearance in season 5, as well as season 7 episode "Threat Level: Midnight" seen in video of the past.  Roy initially acted as the primary obstacle to Jim finally getting together with Pam, but after a wedding and two children it's unlikely he'll be causing any more romantic headaches.  Then again, with John Krasinski taking a reduced schedule to accommodate his film career, who knows?

In addition to new series regulars Jake Lacy and Clark Duke, Catherine Tate has been upgraded to series regular following her recurring stint in the eighth season.  Series leads Ed Helms and John Krasinski will in fact return, though likely sit out a few episodes to accommodate their burgeoning film careers.

Among the departed, Paul Lieberstein has stepped down as show-runner to prepare for Rainn Wilson’s upcoming spin-off ‘The Farm,’ while Mindy Kaling will appear in the September 20 premiere (and possibly another episode down the line) before departing for her new FOX sitcom ‘The Mindy Project.’  B.J. Novak has been downgraded to a recurring guest star, while season 8 star James Spader has departed entirely.  'The Office' premieres its ninth season on Thursday, September 20.

What say you?  Do you think David Denman's reappearance as Roy might throw salt in some old wounds for 'The Office' season 9, or might we see Roy in a better place?  Give us your predictions in the commetns below!