Today, Hollywood continued its mission to take every thinkable approach to the superhero genre with the arrival of what has felt like an inevitability for some time now. We’ve moved into superhero comedy, superhero Westerns, and whatever Doctor Strange was — the final frontier for big studio tentpoles is ... a genre that will make you see the phrase “big studio tentpoles” in an entirely new light.

Deadline announced today that Paramount has made plans for an impending adaptation of The Pro, a graphic novel that puts a raunchy spin on the typical superhero narrative. The 2002 comic written by Garth Ennis granted fantastic strength and agility to a worse-for-wear prostitute, who doesn’t let her great powers give her any sense of great responsibility. She curses like a sailor, beats her opponents to within an inch of their lives, and eventually gets herself thrown out of the superteam known as The League of Honor. (The comic’s ribald sense of humor, oriented around fourth-wall breakages and other bits of bawdy irony, is inseparable from its subject material.) In later issues, the Pro meets her most memorable nemesis, a 12-armed sex worker going by the Ho. It’s, uh, a lot.

This sounds like a pretty out-there concept for Paramount to be backing, but in a world where Deadpool (a film that featured curse words galore, playful meta humor, and not to mention a scene frankly depicting pegging) can turn into an unlikely blockbuster, nothing’s off-limits. The oldest profession’s about to collide with the newest Hollywood trend. The only question now is which bona fide actress would agree to play an avenging vixen who uses her superpower to give hyper-fast sexual favors.

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