Say what you will about 'The Simpsons' recent crossover efforts with 'Family Guy,' we're actively excited to bring the 31st century back when the cast of 'Futurama' arrives for this Sunday's coming "Simpsorama" crossover. Watch Homer get his first taste of Hedonism-bot with the newly-released couch gag from 'The Simpsons'-'Futurama' crossover!

We won't give everything away about the gag (it's admittedly more conservative than some of the outlandish couch gags in recent years), but we're already nostalgic for the days of 'Futurama' past. Entertainment Weekly also scored the first clip of the November 9 episode, which features Bender and Homer finding some surprising common ground over Bart.

For those unaware, "Simpsorama" will see 'Futurama' guest stars Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Phil LaMarr, Lauren Tom, Maurice LaMarche, and Tress MacNeille reprising their 31st century roles. In the crossover event, Bender travels back in time to kill Bart, 'Terminator'-style, thanks to something Bart does in the present that has terrible consequences for the future.

We'll see for ourselves if 'The Simpsons' can sustain its crossover fever through "Simpsorama" this Sunday, but what do you think? Check out the couch gag up top, and tell us what you want to see from 'Futurama''s glorious return in the comments!