Even as The Walking Dead keeps viewers fixed on the present by its latest mystery, the comic-inclined among us know a much greater danger on the horizon, as Season 6 gears up to cast the series’ biggest bad yet. Said search may be over, according to some compelling evidence, and one beloved Deadwood alum.

You’re warned of full spoilers through The Walking Dead Season 6 (as well as the comics) from here on out, but where casting reports more or less confirm that series big bad Negan will arrive in the Season 6 finale, Deadwood favorite Garret Dillahunt may have landed the gig. As assembled by Pajiba, observe the following evidence:

For one, Garret tellingly tweeted a copy of the third Walking Dead comic compendium (the same in which Negan first appears), only to be followed shortly thereafter by the comic’s account. Innocuous enough on its own, though both series star Alanna Masterson and showrunner Scott Gimple also followed the actor (who returned the favor), while the Negan analogue mentioned in casting notices will reportedly start filming this week.

Granted, The Walking Dead could have hired Dillahunt for a different role, if at all, and some have speculated that Dwight, one of Negan’s lieutenants, might also prove a suitable fit. Additional support for Negan’s arrival will also emerge with Tom Payne’s Paul “Jesus” Monroe, a character long-observed filming, and preceding Negan in the books

We’ll know with more certainty over the next week, but could Dillahunt bring Negan’s famous barbed wire bat Lucille up to the plate? Who else might better fill the role?

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