Get ready, you’re about to read that “come out and play” reference quite a bit in the next few days. Fresh off their latest Marvel triumph, the Russo brothers have lined up yet another TV project, this time bringing cult favorite The Warriors to Hulu as a brand-new one-hour TV series.

According to Deadline. the Russos will partner with writer Frank Baldwin to re-imagine the 1979 Walter Hill film, itself an adaptation of Sol Yurick’s novel of the same name. Says the report, “Their take will honor the original film while adding its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence.”

The original film followed a dystopian New York ruled by rival gangs, wherein the title Warriors are blamed for the death of another group’s leader, and must fight their way home. Notable names in the original cast included Michael Beck and James Remar.

No directors have yet been chosen for the one-hour adaptation, but will anything about Hulu’s The Warriors prove so iconic as that found in the trailer below?

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