One of the more puzzling bits of marketing is the addition of featuring quotes from Twitter users who have seen an upcoming film at a sneak preview screening—it’s an approach heavily relied upon in the new red band trailer for ‘The Wedding Ringer,’ the Josh Gad and Kevin Hart bromance buddy comedy. The red-band element should be enough of a gimmick to enhance the odd couple shenanigans of Gad and Hart, but the studio is really pushing this whole “random Twitter user expresses profane excitement for this film!” schtick.

‘The Wedding Ringer’ could actually be an okay movie—it comes from director Jeremy Garelick, one of the guys behind the Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston dramedy ‘The Break-Up,’ a film that was also better than the trailers suggested. In this film, Gad plays Doug, a nice but awkward guy who is set to marry the lady of his dreams (Kaley Cuoco), but he unfortunately has no best man. So he enlists the help of Jimmy Callahan (Hart), CEO of Best Man, Inc., a company that specializes in providing best men to those in need.

Naturally, comedy ensues as the guys try to fool everyone into believing that Hart is Gad’s best man and longtime friend, and the unlikely pair form an unlikely bromance. It seems a little formulaic, and the red-band trailer is loaded with the predictable profanities, which aren’t doing much to make it seem more enticing. (Cloris Leachman says naughty things! We’ve never seen that one before!)

And, as aforementioned, plenty of Twitter users had some expletives of their own to add about how hilarious they think this movie is. You can find out for yourself when ‘The Wedding Ringer’ hits theaters on January 16, 2015.