The 1998 rom-com 'The Wedding Singer' stars Adam Sandler as broken-hearted 80s wedding singer (obviously) who falls for a cocktail waitress played by Drew Barrymore -- but there's a problem: she's engaged to a total jerk. The film marked the first on-screen coupling between Sandler and Barrymore, who would go on to reunite in '50 First Dates' and are re-teaming for an upcoming romantic comedy. 15 years later, we revisit Sandler, Barrymore, and the rest of the cast of this retro delight and see what they're up to now.

Adam Sandler, Robbie Hart

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Then: Former 'SNL' star Adam Sandler followed up hits like 'Billy Madison' and 'Happy Gilmore' with a different kind of role -- a broken-hearted wedding singer named Robbie Hart, who is left at the altar by his fiancee, Linda, and has a hard time getting back in the spirit.

Now: Sandler, who produces his own films, recently starred in 'That's My Boy,' 'Grown Ups 2,' and 'Hotel Transylvania.' He'll appear next in a new romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore called 'Blended.'

Drew Barrymore, Julia Sullivan

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Then: Drew Barrymore played Julia Sullivan, a cocktail waitress who is engaged to a jerk and unwittingly finds herself falling for Robbie when she asks him to help her plan the wedding.

Now: Barrymore garnered acclaim for her performance as Little Edie in the HBO film 'Grey Gardens' and directed and starred in the film 'Whip It.' She recently appeared in 'Big Miracle,' and can be seen next with Sandler in 'Blended.'

Christine Taylor, Holly Sullivan

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Then: Christine Taylor played Holly, Julia's cousin who is more sexually adventurous and takes all her fashion cues from Madonna. Taylor was best known at the time for roles in 'The Brady Bunch Movie' and 'The Craft.'

Now: Taylor has a recurring role on 'Arrested Development' and appeared on the show's fourth season on Netflix. She's married to Ben Stiller, and has appeared with him in the films 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story' and 'Tropic Thunder.'

Allen Covert, Sammy

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Then: Allen Covert played Sammy, Robbie's best friend and limo driver who makes questionable fashion choices and is terrible at picking up women. Covert, a friend of Sandler's, first appeared with him in 'Airheads.'

Now: Covert has appeared in many of Sandler's films and the films he's produced, including '50 First Dates,' 'Grandma's Boy,' 'Just Go With It,' and 'Jack and Jill.' He is also the founder of Cherry Tree Books, and makes children's books for the iPhone and iPad.

Angela Featherstone, Linda

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Then: Angela Featherstone, who you might have recognized from her small part in 'Army of Darkness,' played Linda, the woman who left Robbie at the altar and broke his heart.

Now: Featherstone is also known for parts in 'Friends' and '200 Cigarettes,' and she recently guest-starred on HBO's 'Girls.'

Matthew Glave, Glenn Gulia

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Then: Matthew Glave played Glenn Gulia, Julia's horrible fiance who treats women like objects.

Now: Glave starred on the Lifetime series 'Army Wives,' and recently guested on 'Shameless,' 'Revenge,' and 'Raising Hope.' He also had a small role in 'Argo.'

Ellen Albertini Dow, Rosie

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Then: Ellen Albertini Dow played Rosie, an elderly woman who takes private singing lessons from Robbie and pays him in meatballs. She memorably performs "Rapper's Delight" near the end of the film.

Now: Dow has also appeared in the films '54' and 'Wedding Crashers,' and she recently guest-starred on 'New Girl' as Nick's Aunt Ruthie. At 95 years old, she has 102 acting credits to her name.

Alexis Arquette,George Stitzer

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Then: Alexis Arquette, sister of David Arquette, played George, the transsexual member of Robbie's band who is sometimes allowed to perform and always sings Boy George songs, of course.

Now: Arquette has also appeared on episodes of 'Friends' and 'Californication,' and in the films 'Bride of Chucky' and 'She's All That.' In 2006, Arquette made the full transition from male to female, an experience that was documented in the documentary 'Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother,' which played at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

Steve Buscemi, David "Dave" Veltri

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Then: Steve Buscemi made an uncredited appearance as a drunk and rowdy wedding guest.

Now: Buscemi has appeared in several Adam Sandler movies, including recent releases 'Hotel Transylvania' and 'Grown Ups 2.' He currently stars on the HBO series 'Boardwalk Empire,' which recently ended its fourth season and has been renewed for a fifth.