If you're looking for the best moments from TV this week in animated GIF form, look no further. Especially if you're just as obsessed with this week's 16-bit-themed 'Community' episode as we are.

On this week's 'Girls,' Marnie tells Hannah that no one's ever loved her the way Charlie's loved Marnie... except for Marnie and Hannah's own dad.

Jonah explains his ugly shorts on 'Veep.'

Troy and Abed go 16-bit on 'Community,' and the results are as amazing as you might expect.

The whole Greendale study group gang gets video-gamed!

Jeff finally touches Dean Pelton and the results are spectacular.

On 'Mad Men' Roger asks Ginsberg for his help, but Ginsberg's sense of humor is a little too much.

Even though she's on Weight Watchers, 'Mad Men''s Betty Draper can't stay away from her weakness: a can of whipped cream.

Jon Hamm as Sergio humping Justin Bieber during 'SNL''s 100th Digital Short. We're going to miss this.

After envisioning a life where she raises a plant as her own child, Liz is mortified when Planty falls down in this week's '30 Rock.'

Arya doesn't want to be like most girls on 'Game of Thrones,' and with all the crap her sister's going through, can you blame her?