Though we have no idea when we're going to get a trailer (word is late March), 'The Wolverine' will be coming to theaters this summer, and like so many event films, the movie is starting it's advertising blitz through social media. Today they released a new photo of Hugh Jackman playing the titular character.

The photo above comes from the film's Facebook page with the quote "The past is always behind you, but the memories still remain" and that does tie into everything we know about the movie. All things considered. they're getting a slow start for their summer launch, with so many films already having put out a trailer or TV spot. But if the footage looks good, everyone will likely forgive 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.'

It's quite possible that Jackman's people wanted the trailer delayed as connecting him to a comic book movie might have hurt his Oscar chances (though it's hard to say if anyone can trump Daniel Day-Lewis this year). We're just guessing, but it's been said having a lesser movie in January or February can keep a performer from winning an Academy award (think Eddie Murphy in 'Norbit'), so perhaps that standard could apply to advertising.

Here's the film's synopsis:

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, this epic action-adventure takes Wolverine, the most iconic character of the X-Men universe, to modern day Japan. Out of his depth in an unknown world he faces his ultimate nemesis in a life-or-death battle that will leave him forever changed. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own immortality, emerging more powerful than we have ever seen him before.

'The Wolverine' will be hitting theaters July 26.