After a long, long road to the big screen, we finally get to see Logan take part in his definitive solo adventure in James Mangold's 'The Wolverine.' How high is your excitement level for the much-anticipated continuation?

Considering how cool and iconic the character is, especially since Hugh Jackman started chewing on the role over a decade ago, it's hard to believe that we haven't actually gotten to see him take part in an epic film to call his own. No, we haven't forgotten 'X-Men Origins' -- we said "epic." That first film was an unfortunate misfire; a sometimes troubled production that bared the marks of its difficulties in the final product. 'The Wolverine' is an attempt by all parties to make the world at large forget the initial attempt. This is the real Wolverine tale we've been waiting to experience.

So now that it's finally upon us, we'd like to know: When are you taking off for Japan with Logan as he battles waves of ninja and Yakuza? Vote in our poll below, and tell us your thoughts on the impending film in the comments section below!