Whether or not you watched the actual HBO series, we all had our fun with the various memes around Jude Law’s The Young Pope. Lenny Bellardo himself was left in dire straits by the finale, and it seems The New Pope may take his place, as HBO announces a successor series.

The network confirms that production of The New Pope will commence later this year; HBO again co-producing with European media group Sky, as directed by Young Pope helmer Paolo Sorrentino and co-written with Umberto Contarello. Casting for the new ensemble and its title Pope will begin soon, though it remains to be seen if Jude Law’s character will have any place on the series.

For those unfamiliar with The Young Pope, the ten-episode series featured Law as young American Pope Pius XIII, who sought to drastically reinvent the manner in which the church relates to modern Christians. Also starring in the series were Diane Keaton, James Cromwell and Silvio Orlando, none of whom are confirmed to return for The New Pope.

No one necessarily expected that a second season would so drastically upend the concept, but can a New Pope prove as memorable as the last?

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