Marvel Producer Kevin Feige has been talking up 'The Avengers' success, and as such he's been led to also talk about some of Marvel's upcoming projects. With Mads Mikklesen signed on for 'Thor 2,' and the actor often playing heavies, the question was: Will he play Thanos, as hinted at by the end of 'The Avengers?'

Feige told Empire Magazine that he won't. But he also promises that there will be a major new villain. He also says (according to Comic Book Movie) that "We're going to see the other side of Asgard." He also mentions that Tom Hiddleston's Loki, Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, and more will be returning to play. With Feige talking about the other side of Asgard, that means that the villain will surely be of that world, which eliminates some of Thor's previous comic bad guys.

The good news/bad news with the 'Thor' universe is that they have decades of villains to draw from, but few that have the name recognition of - say - The Green Goblin or Lex Luthor. As such, there's a freedom to go with the best choice for the material. We'd probably guess someone like Mangog, who worked with Thanos at some point and ties into the themes of betrayal and the sins of Odin from the first film. But that's just a guess.