Because the Marvel comic universe is so vast and so far-reaching, the movies of the MCU have a wealth of material to draw from when it comes to tossing in a few Easter eggs for especially eagle-eyed fans. The world(s) of Thor are branching out with Thor: Ragnarok, introducing fans to the more space-y side of his storyline, and will probably continue to expand out into the rest of his universe. Kevin Feige recently revealed that a bunch of Thor comic characters actually do feature in Ragnarok — well, kinda.

While speaking at the Thor: Ragnarok junket, via Screen Rant, the Marvel Studios boss revealed what he says are the biggest Easter eggs in the movie:

There might be some things in the trash piles. I mean, the biggest – the biggest Easter eggs are on the side of the Sakaaran Palace – right, Taika? There are – there are previous Grandmaster champions that we see, as one for Hulk is being constructed, and those are all sort of Easter eggs for the deeper comic universe – that may or may not ever show up in the cinematic universe, but we thought it’d be fun to celebrate.

Those champions are visible in the very first shot of the trailer, where you see a vehicle flying past that big totem pole that looks like it has giant heads on it. They are (as the fans figured out): Beta Ray Bill (top left), Ares (top right), Bi-Beast (bottom right) and Man-Thing (top). As Feige says, they may or may not feature in future MCU movies, but it’s still fun to catch the references.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.41.58 AM

Keep an eye out for Taika Waititi’s literal Easter egg, which he may or may not be joking about:

 And in the trash pile, there is one Easter egg, an actual egg. If you were in – yeah, I mean, it’s – it’s one of the small ones – well, it’s one of the tiny little chocolate ones, and it’s the wide shot.

We’ve spotted a handful of surprising Easter eggs in the new movie as well, so check back in the coming weeks when we reveal those. Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3.

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